Is your child aged 4-7? Want to play midweek instead of weekends? Consider MiniBall.  
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Flyball Techniques

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Keep your eye on the ball as you move towards it.

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Prepare to catch the ball away from your body and above your head.

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Keep your thumbs together and your palms up.

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Try to watch the ball over the shoulder of the throwing arm.


A training drill you might see, with a focus on FLYBALLS

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Form groups of five or six with one player in the centre of a circle formed by the others. The circle of players lies on the ground, face down.
The centre player throws the ball into the air as high as they can, and at the same time calls the name of one of the other players.
The named player jumps up, locates the ball and catches it. That player then goes to the centre. Repeat.
Winning group is the one who makes the most catches in 8 minutes.

This drill teaches team-building as well as catching skills. Early in the season, it will help team members learn each other's names as well.

Teaching basic skills is one of the goals of our TeeBall programme.
These skills, because they involve fundamental body mechanics, can be taken to any sport your child chooses later on.

TeeBall has long been regarded as one of the best way to gain these skills at an early age. In fact, back when baseball was a winter sport in Australia, many of our Sheffield Shield and Test cricketers played it to hone their skills and develop new techniques during the off-season.

All Hills clubs have at least one accredited club official who oversees training of parent-coaches, and who will assist in training schedules, lesson plans, and general guidance. This accreditation involves sports science and world's best practice in injury risk management, as well as knowledge of the game itself.

Together with clinics run by Hills itself for both players and coaches, your child is in good hands.


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