Is your child aged 4-7? Want to play midweek instead of weekends? Consider MiniBall.  
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TeeBall Rules
The great thing about TeeBall is that there are so few rules to learn. The main aim of the game is to involve lots of kids, making sure everyone has fun. There are two parts to each game. The first part is the offence:- batting. Each player, in turn, has to hit the ball past the fielders into fair territory. Batted balls which don't go into fair territory are called fouls.

Three foul hits off the tee (that's three in a row that don't go into fair territory) means the batter is out. Three swings and misses at the ball on the tee also mean that the batter is out. Any combination of the above (foul hits and complete misses), and the batter is out.

You only get three tries at hitting the ball into fair territory at any one time at bat.


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After you've hit the ball into fair territory, you have to try to run to 1st base before the fielders can get the ball and throw it there. If they get the ball to 1st base before you, you're out. If you get to 1st base before the ball, you're safe. Once you make it to 1st base safely, you have to rely on other members of your team to "force" you around the bases. They do this by hitting the ball into fair territory, just the same as you did.

When a batter after you hits the ball into fair territory along the ground (called a "ground ball"), you'll be forced to run to the next base, because there can't be two runners on the same base at the same time. If you're forced to run from 1st base to 2nd base, a player from the fielding team only has to touch second base while holding the ball. If they do, you're out. The same thing happens when you're forced to run from 2nd to 3rd, or from 3rd to Home.

You're only forced to run when all the bases behind you are occupied. If they're not, you can choose to run or not.

When the ball is hit into the air by another member of your team, you have to stay on your base. When the ball is either caught or dropped, then you can run. You'll have to be quick though, because the fielders can tag you out with the ball any time you're not touching a base.

Three outs for your team and it means the other team has a turn batting. They have to do the same thing as your team just did. Your team then has to do what they just did:- fielding. This is the second part of the game and is called "defence".

That's the way a TeeBall game usually goes. A complete game lasts seven equal turns batting and fielding (innings), but you can play all day if you like! Within Hills, scheduled games are limited to an hour and fifteen minutes. We've found this is the right sort of time for children of this age.

At the end of 7 innings (or after time is up, whichever comes first) the team with the most runs wins. It shouldn't really matter though. The idea is to have fun, and get some fresh air and exercise. Hills leagues are "non-competitive". This means that although there is a winner each game, the results are not recorded week by week and we don't publish a competition ladder.

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