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Childsafe Policy

Hills are absolutely committed to making TeeBall as safe and as enjoyable as it can be for all involved.

To this end, we have gone well beyond what's legally required to explore ways of delivering on this commitment.

Our commitment to your children

A disturbing issue that gets a lot of press these days is Child Protection. At Hills, we take this very seriously indeed, and we like to think we're ahead of the game in dealing with it. The Hills ChildSafe Policy can be downloaded here. (Acrobat PDF file, ~76Kb)


It's an Acrobat PDF file, and if you need the Acrobat Reader to open it, you can get it from here. We subscribe to the principles laid down by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People, and have put procedures in place to support this approach which go well beyond what is legally required. We also require anyone involved in unsupervised access to any kids to undergo a formal Working with Children Check as required by the Commission.

Yes, this is an ugly topic. No parent is truly at ease while their child is out of sight. At least we're prepared to talk about it and to tell you what we're doing to make your child safer.

You should also check out for some great resources ...

Coloured Vest Programme

This year, for the first time, Hills will be using the "Coloured Vest" initiative sponsored by the NSW Dept of Sport & Recreation.


We hope this will lead to improved behaviour from spectators, especially in the older age-groups. This hasn't really been a problem with Teeball, but we're taking steps to make sure it doesn't become one.

We also support the work that DSR is doing in managing Sports Rage generally. See the Sports Rage Website for details.


The Behavioural Standards Commission

In February 2007, we announced a new subcommittee:- the BSC.


This subcommittee had the goal of overhauling all of our policies as they relate to the standards of behaviour expected from participants in our sport, including spectators.

Recommendations from the BSC were fully implemented in 2010.


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