Is your child aged 4-7? Want to play midweek instead of weekends? Consider MiniBall.  
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Welcome to Hills TeeBall

Tee Ball is a modified form of the adult games of baseball and softball. There is no pitcher. The batters hit the ball from a tee at waist height. This allows them to concentrate on the mechanics of hitting, which will prepare them as they get older for sports like baseball, softball, golf, cricket and even tennis.
Introduction to Teeball

Tee-Ball is one of the most rewarding games available for young children. It's played throughout the Hills district from September to March, and you have a dozen clubs from which to choose.

Teeball isn't new to Australia, but it's unlike anything you've seen before ...


  The game is fast, which keeps the kids interested and alert. Games are limited to an hour and a quarter, which means more time spent playing, and less time kicking dirt around or chasing butterflies.

  The game is fresh. It's a natural forum to teach basic skills like throwing, hitting, catching and running:- skills which the children can use later on to play whatever sport they like. 

  The game is fun. Players will bat at least three or four times each game, and will play in the field that many times as well. Sides change over every 10 minutes or so, which leaves no time for boredom.

The emphasis in teaching is on sound fundamentals, which the kids will use throughout their sporting careers. Fielders are trained in hand-eye co-ordination, and gain valuable experience in judging the flight of a ball. They are taught to move properly to catch a ball, how to set up properly to throw a ball, and how to warm up before playing.

General fitness is also very important these days, and is becoming more so with various studies that alert us to the issues of youth obesity, Type 2 diabeties, and other lifestyle problems. Tee Ball is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle before bad habits set in.

Explore our site and learn a little about the game. Then, give it a go! Sign up for the coming summer season. Bring some friends. You could even bring along your whole winter-sport team if you like. Keep friends together, all year round, as well as making new ones.

"Come & Try" events for this year will run in July and August. Select a club near you from the menu above to see what's available in your area.  


Most clubs offer "Come & Try" days, where kids can come along and experience t-ball.

And it's FREE !

Stations are set up for batting, throwing, catching and so on. Kids also get to play in a game, and in some cases, watch an exhibition game:- perhaps older children playing modball or baseball. The formats are different at each event, but they're all designed to let you see what TeeBall is all about, and where it can lead.

Find a club near you using our ClubFinder page and come along for an hour or so to see what it's all about.



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